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The Safety Strike Wrench

The striking wrench is standard tool, used in all kinds of conditions, in the predominantly heavy industry intended to loosen or fix bolts and nuts.

A big disadvantage of this type of wrench is the fact that you must hold the striking wrench with one Hand, while you operate the hammer with the other hand. There is a risk that the striking wrench will jump out. The hand can also be injured by the hammer or by pinching after the wrench starts to move.

The invention of the Safewrench® puts an end to the above-mentioned risks. The striking wrench remains in place without having to hold it, thanks to the use of two spring washers.

This has the following advantages:

The Safewrench® secures itself, doesn’t fall off

Stays in position when used overhead

Operate the Safewrench® alone

More power and concentration for the use of the hammer

Ideal as a counter-wrench for hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically tightening bolts and nuts

The Safewrench® therefore leads to an elimination of the risk of hand injury from the accompanying hand

Available Non-sparking (ATEX) version

The Perfect Tool For Your Safety On Tough Jobs