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The Safety Strike Wrench

Impact wrench are a standard tool, used in all kinds of conditions in the predominantly heavy industry, intended to loosen or fix bolts and nuts.

A big disadvantage of this type of wrench is the fact that you must hold the wrench with one hand while you operate the hammer with the other hand. There is a risk that the wrench will jump out. The hand can also be injured by the hammer or by pinching after the wrench starts to move.

The invention of the Safewrench® puts an end to the above-mentioned risks. The wrench remains in place without having to hold it, thanks to the use of two spring washers. This has the following advantages:

The Safewrench® secures itself, doesn’t fall off

Stays in position when used overhead

Operate the Safewrench® alone

More power and concentration for the use of the hammer

Ideal as a counter-wrench for hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically tightening bolts and nuts

The Safewrench® therefore leads to an elimination of the risk of hand injury from the accompanying hand

Available Non-sparking (ATEX) version

The Perfect Tool For Your Safety On Tough Jobs