SAFEWRENCH® Aluminium Bronze


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1-1/4 inchesSW1031A
1-13/16 inchesSW1046A
1-5/8 inchesSW1041A
1-7/16 inchesSW1036A
2 inchesSW1050A
2-3/16 inchesSW1055A
2-3/4 inchesSW1070A
2-3/8 inchesSW1060A
2-9/16 inchesSW1065A
24 mmSW0024A
27 mmSW0027A
30 mmSW0030A
32 mmSW0032A
36 mmSW0036A
41 mmSW0041A
46 mmSW0046A
50 mmSW0050A
55 mmSW0055A
60 mmSW0060A
65 mmSW0065A
70 mmSW0070A
75 mmSW0075A

The Safewrench® secures itself, does not fall off and stays in position even if used overhead. You can use this striking wrench alone, giving you more power and concentration to use a hammer. It is also ideal to use as a counter-wrench when using hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic tightening devices.
The Safewrench®, therefore, leads to an elimination of the risk of hand injury from the accompanying hand. Choose Safewrench®, the safety striking wrench.

Non-sparking (ATEX) version